10. The Student Journal: 3D Printing

My final project is focused on what is 3D Printing and how it has made an impact in today’s society. At first, we uploaded the information researched on the homework assignment number six titled “The Student Journal: Final Project Assignment” here is the link below. https://shaelysinfo.data.blog/2020/04/15/6-the-student-journal-final-project-assignment/ After we uploaded the assignment, it was presentation day!… Continue reading 10. The Student Journal: 3D Printing

9. The Student Journal: Final Evaluation

Inform├ítica 103 has been one filled with many creativity and projects. Each one of the assignments done throughout the semester has been one challenging yet entertaining posts on our blogs. This is a list with all my assignments pertaining to this class: “The Student Journal: The Web and I”: https://shaelysinfo.data.blog/2020/02/16/the-student-journal-the-web-and-i/ “The Student Journal: About/Homepage”: https://shaelysinfo.data.blog/2020/03/12/2-the-student-journal-about-homepage/… Continue reading 9. The Student Journal: Final Evaluation

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